Nice to meet you.

I’m Aline Villaça, product designer.

I work with User Experience for many years now and it has brought to me the priveledge of crafting products that make an impact on millions of people's lives. 

These include, the biggest media group of Latin America, and VTEX, a multinacional cloud commerce platform with stores in 25 countries and clients such as Walmart, Lego, Disney and Sony, among others.

Before I found myself as a Product Designer, I strayed a lot across disciplines – Nanotechnology, Industrial Design, Visual Arts, Graphic Design and User Experience. This path provided me with a more complete view when designing. After all, this is the very core of being a Designer, we must see through different spectrums of needs and possibilities in order to build seamless, consistent, useful and relevant products that people love.



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VTEX Day. São Paulo, Brazil – 31 May 2019

VTEX Day. São Paulo, Brazil – 30 May 2019

VTEX Day. São Paulo, Brazil – 30 May 2019

VTEX Day. São Paulo, Brazil – Nov 2018

Hacking.Rio. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Jul 2018

USP (University of São Paulo). São Paulo, Brazil – Jun 2018

Include Meninas at UFF (federal university of Rio de Janeiro state). Niterói, Brazil – Sep 2018

UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 2017

N Design SP (nacional design students congress). São Paulo, Brazil – Jul 2015